Last year, our courgettes never amounted to much. Perhaps this was mostly due to the diggers forcing a path through the vegetable patch, and what we managed to salvage from the diggers fell prey to slugs.

This year, the diggers are hopefully a thing of the past and we have claimed and rotivated the remainder of the area we marked out for vegetables. Yet I wasn’t holding out great hope this spring when sowing courgette seeds in the greenhouse, and I am thrilled to have my expectations wildly exceeded.

The courgettes germinated happily to be planted out once the frosts were past. We gave three plants away, and put three into the ground, and suddenly these are rampant. This week, we harvested the first sweet small courgettes and they were everything I dreamed of. I sliced the first ones into thin buttery slices to be enjoyed raw in a salad, and later ones have started to make their way on to the barbecue, with great success (when they don’t fall between the bars of the grill onto the hot coals, that is!).

All three plants are abundant with flowers, and slim courgettes that seem to fatten up almost visibly. Our glut would appear to be on its way, as promised, and I am eagerly anticipating all the sweet harvest yet to come!

Courgette: Defender F1