Some survivors…

Last spring, before the building works started, I was filled with optimism and sowed seeds for a variety of cottage garden flowers, envisaging the garden borders swelling with these new treasures in the summer to come.  Over a year later, the building work is yet to come to an end, and the borders still lie unclaimed and mostly out of reach, yet a few survivors have persisted on in pots, and hopefully one day soon should finally make it into the ground.

This lupin is looking happy, even after repotting. They don’t tend to like their roots being disturbed, so I was careful to lift the entire root ball, compost and all, and plunge it straight into its new pot. I can’t wait to get it into the garden and watch it come into flower.

Some aquilegia seeds that my mother collected from her own garden and I sowed last year have grown and started to flower.

I love the delicate shape and colours of this one, and am looking forward to discovering what colours its siblings will display.

This wonderful rose has survived quietly in the remains of a border. I managed to give it a quick prune in the spring, but it could use some more shaping to combat a few years of neglect. It has just started to unfurl its buds into these lovely blowsy flowers, a fresh yellow blushed with pink.

We also inherited a purple rhododendron, which we transplanted into a large pot and cut back hard. It is still in its pot but covered in vibrant leaves. I feared for a pink buddleia that had to be cut back very hard, but finally this month it has started to show a lot of new growth. I shall take cuttings this year just in case anything happens to it when the builder’s rubble is cleared!

There are a few more roses waiting to be rediscovered. And maybe this year we shall finally be able to start to reclaim the non-vegetable garden! I have some asters and rudbeckia holding on in pots from another optimistic sowing this year, just in case…