Red Dwarf

Well more of a green dwarf at the moment, but if the good weather continues it won’t be long until I’m harvesting lots of (hopefully) juicy cherry tomatoes from my Minibel plants.

I grew these dwarf tomato plants from free seeds included with a Gardener’s World magazine in the spring, to supplement our usual greenhouse crops. After germination, I transplanted eight of the strongest seedlings into two terracotta planters along a south-facing wall of the house in full sun, accompanied by French marigolds and basil (more of these later).

I’ve never grown this variety before. The plants are barely a handspan tall, but have the sturdiest, most compact growth I’ve ever seen, and have been packed with small yellow flowers for weeks now, some of which have now formed into pea-sized green fruit, ready to swell and ripen in the coming weeks. I suspect that they are going to beat our greenhouse crops to the finish this year!

For more immediate red impact, we are harvesting the first ripe strawberries from the runners we were given by a relative last autumn.

the first handful

and these wonderfully simple single poppies have self-seeded across our plot.

Tomato: ‘Minibel’ solanaceae


6 thoughts on “Red Dwarf

  1. Dear Sara, Your tomatoes look to be coming on apace and I am sure with continuing sun they will produce a bumper crop to be enjoyed. Indeed, tiny cherry tomatoes are so very delicious and I often enjoy them on their own.

    However, should the sun disappear, as is its wont during an English summer, then do not despair as the most wonderful green tomato chutney can be made. My friend, P, always very generously gives me several pots of hers each season – marvellous with cold cuts.

  2. Dear Edith,
    Thank you for your encouragement and suggestions. Green tomato chutney sounds delightful, hopefully some red tomato chutney and tomato sauces too, if we don’t eat all the fruit on the way into the house! I strongly suspect I’ll be making batches of courgette chutney this year also. I only hope that we have a working kitchen soon, or I think that the camping stove will have its work cut out for it!

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