Family Jewels

I love nasturtiums; their rich jewelled colours, in hot orange

vivid yellow, some plain, some jazzed up with orange spots

and in velvety luscious red

I love their distinctive foliage; some plain, some marbled

and the jagged petals on this one.

While waiting for the rest of our garden to be accessible, I am biding my time, slipping as many flowers into the vegetable patch as I can get away with. Under cover of companion planting and edibility (hyssop, marigold, nasturtiums) and attracting beneficial wildlife (sweet peas, sunflowers, echinace purpurea) I am cramming as much colour as I can into our already over subscribed beds.

Nasturtiums always surprise me with the speed and distance at which they ramble across the beds, and I do find myself pinching out the occasional wandering arm to keep them in check. But their bright colours always raise a smile as I look across the vegetable garden in summer.

Nasturtium: Tropaeolum majus ‘Alaska Mixed’


2 thoughts on “Family Jewels

  1. These are one of my favourites – they give so much back for so little. The seeds are manageable and I’m a bit like Johnny Appleseed popping them into all sorts of places then being surprised when they appear. Yours are well in advance though – lovely

    Laura x

    • They are lovely. And I’ve found a patch of young ones that must have self-seeded from last year’s plants, which are wrestling with the courgettes. While we’ve been away for the past week they have taken off, sending stalks out in every direction, so I suspect that they will need some taming tomorrow! Sara

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