In The Greenhouse

Things are hotting up in the greenhouse now. The tomatoes are tall, and covered in swelling fruit.

We’re pinching out sideshoots almost daily. Baby cucumbers are also forming on our two plants (but proving camera-shy).

The sweet peppers look happy although they were quite late into the ground, while the hot peppers are flowering in their pots.

The melon is also in bloom. This is the first time that we’ve tried growing melons in the greenhouse, I am really hoping that they are successful, as I imagine the flavour of a freshly-picked melon hot from the sun must be something special.

A couple of months ago, King of The Hill transformed the wooden potting bench that he built us last year in the greenhouse into what he called “summer mode”. He removed the horizontal slats of wood which ran across the bench from left to right, and fixed a few of them from front to back at the end of the shelves to give us a small area for any sowing/potting/propagating in the summer, so that two thirds of the bench remains open.  This then allowed us to squeeze a couple more tomato plants under the bench to grow up through the open framework sans shelves. Very versatile!

Along both edges of the greenhouse borders, the French marigolds are blooming marvellously, and obviously doing a great companion job to the tomatoes too… although King of the Hill suggested the other evening that perhaps 18 plants was a little excessive, and maybe we could try less next year.  I suppose (reluctantly) that he could have a point there, but they do look rather beautiful.


2 thoughts on “In The Greenhouse

  1. Love the shot of the greenhouse – all busy growing but somehow relaxed, amidst the obvious hard work. You look very organized too! The pretty cool white pepper flower belies its hot taste. Lovely

    Laura x

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