Beneath The Canopy

The pumpkins are growing fast! Two weeks ago the fruits were just starting to form behind the flowers, and already they are several inches across with lovely green stripes on their glossy skin. We have put most of the pumpkins on old bits of tile to keep them off the soil and prevent any rotting.

The squash are fattening up nicely beneath their cool canopy of leaves too.

These are Crown Prince squash, growing in abundance. We’ve never tried them before but couldn’t resist the images of them with their cool grey skins and deep orange flesh, I’m really looking forward to harvesting these. We’re also growing some butternut squash which are only just starting to form their small fruit.

We’re on course for some lovely plump squash and pumpkins in the autumn! This week’s rain showers are really welcome. Grow, pumpkins, grow…

Pumpkin – Giant Pam; Squash – Crown Prince


3 thoughts on “Beneath The Canopy

  1. hi again, excellent photos, yes these rains will do wonders for all the fruit and veg…

    • They’re gorgeous, aren’t they. So far they have been very low-maintenance. We sowed them in the greenhouse in the spring, planted them out when things warmed up (around our sweetcorn grid) and have watered them when things were dry. And once several fruits had set on each plant we started to snip off the ever-reaching growing tips, and pinch off any more fruits that came. In fact, think we need to check them again soon, I’m sure they have more than four per plant, and we probably want to restrict to two or three to give them a chance of success… Hopefully we’ll get to harvest some, fingers crossed!

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