Summer Walk

We are really lucky to have some amazing walks from our house and village. Yesterday afternoon, I took my camera along for the ride. Here are some of the highlights…

One of the sunny lanes meandering through the hills; the plants growing through the road surface show how much traffic comes through here.

The high winds gave us some amazing skies, striped with the occasional lazy vapour trail.

Honeysuckle rambled loosely through the hedgerows, with the elderberries just starting to form. Woody nightshade flowered in one hedge, and I even found some ripe blackberries down in the sunny shelter of the village.

Common knapweed bloomed in the hedgerows, covered in busy bees, and tufted vetch twisted its way around the climbing tendrils of wild clematis.

Centaurea NigraVicia Cracca

The ford was almost dry, the stream a shallow trickle beneath the bridge, below the road…

It was a lovely afternoon for a walk.