Food metres

A handful of radishes picked in the morning to accompany my lunchtime salad.

The lettuce keeps coming thick and fast from plot to kitchen … cut-and-come-again leaves and large lovely heads of romaine and iceberg lettuces.

The cucumbers we were waiting for are suddenly appearing from nowhere. We have two different varieties in the greenhouse, and both have starting fruiting. One plant gives us dark curled fruit that we should pick and eat quite small, if we catch them in time, and the other has just produced a very pale thin-skinned fruit, that looks interesting.

For a little variety with my salad, I sliced half a cucumber very thinly and put the slices in white wine vinegar, with chopped mint and flat leaf parsley, both grown from seed this year, and left it all to marinade in the fridge before adding to my salad. Great flavours.

Fresh chard, French beans from our dwarf plants, and mange tout are picked in the evening and go straight into a stir fry, along with the green garlic we picked earlier in the week, matchsticks from a courgette fresh from the garden, and an almost-home-grown carrot. Grown and given to us fresh from the soil by a nearby relative in fact, since ours are still too small to harvest. But still, barely a food metre to be seen, let alone food miles …

The dwarf beans continue to amaze me, producing so many pods each day from such small plants. We shall definitely be growing those again next year! Every now and then one strays from the ‘straight and narrow’ in interesting contortions.

Still tastes just as good though!

I love these summer harvests. And there are still so many more crops to ripen and be harvested! Love love love.


2 thoughts on “Food metres

  1. Dear Sara, This all looks to be wonderful. Is there anything better than homegrown fruit and vegetables? And although I do not grow any myself, I think not.

    Your cucumber salad sounds delicious. My Hungarian cook/housekeeper makes something very similar with the cucumber peeled and sliced extremely thinly, a side salad which I first tasted many years ago in Selfridges in Oxford Street.

    I do hope that you have an enjoyable, and productive, weekend.

  2. Dear Edith, As you can tell I am very enthusiastic indeed about our produce!
    There is something delightfully summery about a cucumber salad, I’m really enjoying it.
    I hope that you have a wonderful weekend too.

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