Successional Salad Sowings

To ensure a continuing crop of salads throughout the summer, now that we are picking so regularly, last weekend I sowed a new row of radishes alongside the last of the current crop.

I also sowed a couple of  rows of rocket, finding some suitable spaces around the vegetable patch.

This is our first rocket sowing this year; we overlooked it when ordering our seeds in the spring, but being one of the only fresh salads that we are buying regularly rather than growing, I thought that we had better get a crop or two in now before it is too late!

The mixed salad leaves and romaine lettuces that I sowed a couple of weekends ago are big enough to transplant into the garden now, to take over when we have exhausted our current lettuces.

Just need to find a little space to put them…

… and remember how big those romaine lettuces will become! This was yesterday’s freshly harvested romaine lettuce; the leaves now washed, spun and bagged in the fridge will last us all week.


4 thoughts on “Successional Salad Sowings

  1. I’m green with envy at your greenfingers. All your crops flourish so well compared to my previous attempts at straggly radishes, onions and lettuce. Do you have brilliant soil or do you just talk to your plants?!

    Laura x

    • Thank you! We’re not so lucky with everything, though. The carrot and parsnip that we sowed this spring directly into the soil barely germinated. We ended up having to do a second sowing into lengths of drainpipe in the greenhouse, before putting them out, so both crops are way behind this year. And some of the radishes that we’ve harvested have been riddled with holes – looks like these may be caused by cabbage root fly so I’d better make some discs to put on the latest sowing, and possibly on the swedes growing next to them too!
      The soil hadn’t been cultivated in years before we bought the house, and there was no evidence of any kind of vegetable plot, so I think we’re lucky with it so far. And I do talk to the plants from time to time 😉

  2. Wow, you’ve had much more success with salad leaves than I’ve managed out on my windowsill. Everyone says salads are easy but I think it must just been too hot and sunny for them out there, they just shrivel up and die… Tomatoes, chillies and sweet peppers seem to be the way for us to go!

  3. We didn’t have much success with salad leaves in containers before we moved here – they really seem to like being in the ground. They seem to be coping with our strange summer mix of sun, rain and wind pretty well too, which is a relief. It’s great that you can squeeze tomatoes, chillies and sweet peppers onto a windowsill successfully though, and they should indeed be much happier in pots basking in the sun. Your tomatoes are ahead of ours, our first ripening fruits are just coming, outside and in the greenhouse.

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