Harvesting Shallots & Garlic

Today we lifted our shallots, which had grown rather large although they had only just started to flop.

We spread them out on wooden trays and put them in the sun to start to dry out.

We also dug up the hard neck garlic, whose leaves had all turned brown, although the stalks remained firm and didn’t flop.

We have already eaten several bulbs green, and a couple were showing a bit of white mould around the roots which we kept aside to burn with the weeds, so it’s not a huge harvest, but the bulbs we have look good.

We were careful not to damage either the shallots or garlic on lifting, so that hopefully if cured correctly they will store for as long as we need – I suspect that it won’t take us long to eat our way through both modest crops!

They are still sitting out in the sun at the moment; tonight we shall move the trays into the shed for the week so that they can continue to dry. They won’t get any sun as the only window is on the north side, but it is cool and dry. The greenhouse is rather too humid to comfortably dry anything out, and our summer weather is rather unpredictable at the moment to risk leaving them out in the rain.

It looks as though the birds have been busy too,  harvesting seeds from the large sunflower heads.

I stopped to collect a dozen seeds myself to make sure that we have some sunflowers again next year, before the birds finish feasting on them.


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