Perfect Peas

Our peas have begun cropping in the past week or so.

What could be more perfect than a freshly picked pod, bursting with round peas?

There is something so utterly summery about the sweet taste of peas eaten straight from their pods while standing in the sun. Some of them even make it back to the house…

Peas. Perfect.

Pea – Exzellenz


3 thoughts on “Perfect Peas

  1. Few of ours ever made it to the table, they became a Charlie snack, along with the Strawberries.

    Lovely photos as always 🙂

  2. I’ve never managed to grow peas, despite trying, but I like them straight from the pod so I have to content myself with buying them in bags and eating them like sweets.

    Esther Montgomery

    • Ours were very late this year as our first sowing didn’t germinate, but definitely worth the wait. You don’t get many for the space compared to other crops, but they taste lovely. I hope that you have more success in the future – but I love the sound of buying bags of them and eating them like sweets!

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