Things are certainly heating up in the greenhouse.

We have been picking red cherry tomatoes as they ripen at the top of each long truss on our ‘Sakura F1’ tomatoes and on the bunches of bigger ‘Shirley F1’ tomatoes.

The yellow ‘Golden Sunrise’ tomatoes are starting to ripen.

The melons are growing – these Antalya fruits should be similar to Galia melons.

And the mix of sweet peppers and hot peppers we planted are producing some surprises. Both varieties were sown from mixed packs, which keeps us guessing! Of the hot pepper varieties, we are seeing some large pale yellow-green fruits on two plants. I picked one green fruit last week to see whether it had any heat yet. It had formed lovely seeds inside, but very little heat so we shall leave the rest to ripen longer before we pick any more. I wonder what colour they will turn?

We have smaller (hotter looking) “finger” chillies on one of the plants.

Small green peppers have been forming on all the sweet pepper plants, although the glossy shine on their skin renders them hard to photograph, but the first to form has really surprised us by turning a lovely deep purple-black.

I have never seen or eaten purple peppers before, but I’m really looking forward to tasting this one. It raises a question: does its deep colour mean that it is ripe, or should we let it grow larger before we harvest it? It’s quite a bit shorter than supermarket peppers, but perhaps it is a smaller cultivar…

Tomato – Sakura F1; Tomato – Shirley F1; Tomato – Golden Sunrise; Melon – Antalya;


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    • I couldn’t resist. I picked it this morning and cut it up into my salad. It smelled like a pepper, and tasted … like a pepper. Rather more bitter than the average green pepper though. Not unpleasant but I may try leaving the next one on a bit longer…

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