Glimpses of Glory

This beautiful yellow rose bloomed in June in the remains of a border beside the shed we built last summer; while across the garden, this deep red rose sprang into life during July.

All summer this wonderful lacecap hydrangea has been flowering quietly outside our new kitchen door, in the remains of a former border that is now virtually inaccessible for the time being.

These cheerful daisies sprawl hopefully alongside the yellow rose.

And in the past couple of weeks, these beautifully scented phlox have appeared beside the hydrangea outside the kitchen door. Every time I pass that way, I have to tiptoe carefully across the undulating excavations that will one day become a patio and take a deep breath of their delicate fragrance.

I love these little reminders that the neglected garden that we acquired (and have since continued to abuse substantial parts of with construction work!) was once a much loved place. I hope that it’s not too long now before we can start to return it to some of its former glory. And we have inherited some lovely plants, once we manage to work our way through to them! I think I shall be taking cuttings soon of the phlox and hydrangea, just in case anything should happen to them in the final stages of construction work!


5 thoughts on “Glimpses of Glory

  1. There is a wistful glow to these flowers which conjures images of a neglected garden being brought back to life by you. A work in progress still but with all the potential ahead. Meanwhile, back in the kitchin, you’ll soon be able to cook the super harvest on something other than a camping stove


    • Sadly I don’t know what any of the roses are, they were here when we bought the house. I love the pink blush on the edges of the yellow rose. I’m not sure how to even start trying to identify it, there are so many roses out there! Not a very new variety though, I suspect it has been here a while.

  2. Hi,

    Good luck with the rest of the construction work, I hope you don’t lose any of the plants… Good idea to take cuttings though… If anything at least you’ll have more of them to enjoy next year!

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