The Colour Purple

Purple is big in our garden at the minute. We have the crops of beetroot that we’re growing

and harvesting,

and those purple peppers growing in the greenhouse (I couldn’t resist temptation for long before picking the first baby pepper last week for a salad).

Not to mention the sweet peas in a glorious halo of different hued purples, interspersed with a few white and pink blooms .

There are clumps of mixed hyssop that I grew from seed and planted out along the edge of the pumpkin patch, which have sent up their small spires of flowers in shades of a deep blue-purple,

and a paler lilac shade.

The bees absolutely love the hyssop, and it makes a pretty border to the veg patch.

And in the current wasteland between the vegetable patch and the house, this spectacular dark purple opium poppy has appeared and unfurled its first fat bud.

There is rather more purple than red to the petals than the camera has managed to capture, and it is a stunning sight, particularly given its rather incongruous surroundings.


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