Sweetcorn Harvest

Yesterday we picked our first two husks of sweetcorn. The water was boiling on the camping-gas stove in our makeshift kitchen space when king of the hill donned his wellies and brought us back two cobs of pale golden sweetcorn.

The kernels ran in twisty columns up the cobs. There was only the occasional missing kernel (where a strand failed to pollinate).

After a couple of minutes in boiling water the corn was a rich yellow (I’m afraid my camera wouldn’t do it justice in the peculiar evening light so no pictures, alas). It tasted heavenly, crisp and sweet, with each kernel popping lightly in the mouth, literally bursting with flavour. Definitely a crop that lives up to the hype.

Sweetcorn – Swift F1.


2 thoughts on “Sweetcorn Harvest

  1. Picked my first ever home grown cob last night, it tasted great. Yes worth the hype, they don’t take up as much room as I expected and were pest/disease free, I will be growing more next year!

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