The magenta buddleia that needed such severe pruning in the spring is just starting to come into flower.

I love the rich colour of its elegant arches of flowers; the deep hue makes a welcome change from the more common purple buddleias that seem to be everywhere at this time of year. I think this must be buddleia davidii ‘Royal Red’.

When we took over the garden, the plant had two long, lanky, virtually bare branches that swept over almost to the ground before producing a few leaves and blooms that bowed to the ground. The hard pruning that I gave it this spring may have delayed its blooms by a month or more but I think it was worth it to give the plant back some shape.

Buddleias can be pruned back hard early each spring to about 12 inches above the ground to encourage new compact growth each year, and although I didn’t take it back quite so far this year (worrying that it might not survive the shock), I intend to follow this advice in future years to avoid any more lanky bare growth.

There are lots of new green buds still to come into bloom, and I anticipate the bush buzzing with butterflies and bees in the coming months as the flowers emerge.