The Tale of The Purple Poppy

The first bloom of the purple poppy that recently sprang into life in the midst of our building rubble discarded its petals and stamens to the wind and rain at the start of the week

leaving its seed capsule standing proud, glistening in the rain

beside another fat bud

which soon burst into bloom

its dark petals dusted inside with pale green pollen, in the tentative sunshine.

Can you tell how much I love this poppy?! I am watching the seed capsule(s) eagerly, hoping to collect some seed when it ripens, as the poppy is unlikely to survive in its current location when we start the hard landscaping. There is at least one more fat bud still to bloom as well…


8 thoughts on “The Tale of The Purple Poppy

    • Hi Nic, love your poppy pictures too, the purple poppies do look very similar, and your double lilac ones are gorgeous too. If I’m successful in catching any seeds when they ripen then a poppy seed swap would be great 🙂 I shall let you know!

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