Full of Beans

Our runner beans seem to be rather sprinting away this year! They rapidly scrambled up the canes that we provided them two months ago when we planted them out, and now we can barely reach the tops to keep pinching them out as they continue to reach for the sky.

The deep orange blooms hum with butterflies and bees.

All this busy work leads to the plants being festooned with garlands of beans, from the small furry beginnings

to the firm smooth-skinned pods ripe for harvesting.

Most nights we pick beans to cook fresh with our tea. Every few days our harvest becomes significantly greater than we can manage,

and we set to washing, slicing and chopping piles of beans, before blanching each batch in boiling water for about two minutes, then plunging straight into icy cold water,

and finally removing the excess water in the salad spinner before spreading the beans flat in plastic bags and freezing.

Those tiny dwarf French beans have continued to surprise us with masses of pods too, and we have several bags of those blanched in the freezer too.

Both runner beans and French beans are continuing to flower and crop heavily. We shall be enjoying them long into the winter!

Runner Bean – Galaxy


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