Courgette and Chocolate Cake

Apologies for showing this photo again. I’ve been asked by several people for the recipe for the courgette and chocolate cake that I made this week, so here it is:


120g soft butter (I used dairy free sunflower spread)
100g caster sugar
200g soft brown muscovado sugar
125ml sunflower oil
3 free range eggs
130ml milk (I used rice milk)
350g plain flour (I used gluten free flour with 1tsp xantham gum)
2tsp baking powder
4tbsp cocoa powder
100g dark chocolate, cut into chunks
450g courgettes, peeled and grated (I didn’t peel ours since the skins are so soft)


Beat the butter and sugars together until light and fluffy, add the oil and eggs and keep beating. Add half the sieved flour and the milk and lastly fold in the remaining flour, cocoa, dark chocolate chunks and courgettes. Pour into a lined eight inch cake tin and bake at 190C for about 45 minutes – I used a slightly lower temperature and it took about an hour.


This recipe was given to me as a cutting from an unidentified (presumably local) newspaper, attributed to Emma Jenkins of ejcatering in Cardiff


6 thoughts on “Courgette and Chocolate Cake

  1. i’m always rather dubious about adding courgettes with chocloate but i trust you so if i get time (and chocolate) then i’ll give it a whirl and let you know…looks good from your photo…

    • Thanks – I hope you enjoy it if you do get around to it. It was an experiment for me, as carrot cake is the only “veg cake” I’ve made before, but it turned out surprisingly well. There is just the faintest hint of “vegetable” about the taste, otherwise it seemed like a moist chocolate cake.

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