Foraging for Crab Apples

Yesterday we made our yearly pilgrimage to a local wild crab apple tree. King of The Hill and I scouted it out a few weeks ago on a cycle ride to check whether there was much fruit this year, and were pleased to find it laden; so we returned this weekend to collect some fruit.

The tree lies down a quiet rutted track, along a public footpath, and year upon year we visit it to gather fruit to make crab apple jelly. Last year we didn’t find many apples – not sure whether we were too late or it was just a bad harvest. This year it was positively festooned with fruit.

We quickly filled a couple of carrier bags with fruit.  These were later dispatched to my mother-in-law, who makes a lovely crab apple jelly which we will enjoy with our Sunday roasts through the winter.

When we left, the tree still looked untouched! The blackberries and sloes along the hedgerows were still ripening; we shall return in a few more weeks for those – we had great harvests of both last year.


4 thoughts on “Foraging for Crab Apples

  1. A family of harvesters no less! Enjoy the crabapple jelly and I look forward to what will be happening with the blackberries and sloes. Looks like a very nice spot for a walk too


    • Yes, the crab apples are always spoken for – we’re happy to accept the results and concentrate on preserving everything else! The walks around us are lovely, we’re pretty lucky. S x

  2. Awesome harvest of crab apples! I’m envious of the forthcoming blackberries. I used to pick buckets full at my parents but the farmers decided to bush-whack the hedgegrow, eliminating the blackberries. Bummer!

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