Autumn Fruits

Autumn is firmly in the air now. I snatched the opportunity for a few snapshots from the bottom of our garden early one morning this week; the sun rising above the translucent morning mists which still lingered in the valley below. A nice seasonal update to my header above I think!

The spiders had been busy, weaving cobwebs in the stems of the remaining sweetcorn, which shone like silk in the morning sun.

This week we harvested our pumpkins – eight we cut from the remains of the three powdery mildew-infested plants in the ground, and two we had already taken into the greenhouse to harden off for storage. Our first pumpkin harvest! The squash have been less severely affected by the mildew so we shall leave them a little longer before we bring them in too.

Tomatoes are still flooding in from the greenhouse.  So far, I have made two batches of tomato and courgette chutney; several batches of tomato sauce; a runner bean, potato and tomato curry… and still we have trays of ripe tomatoes.  More cooking this weekend, I think!

The garlic that we harvested last month is curing nicely. We brought a bulb in from the shed the other evening ( to add to the runner bean, potato and tomato curry) and I was really pleased by the clean soft white tissue of its papery skin, and the purple sheen on the cloves. Again, it’s our first garlic harvest, so really exciting for us.

And along with some more of the last remaining peaches, there are a few handfuls of autumn raspberries, and blackberries from the brambles that creep across from the fields.

We have a whole box of blackberries foraged from the local hedgerows too; hopefully I shall find the time for my first attempt at jam this weekend!


8 thoughts on “Autumn Fruits

  1. hi there its a lovely time of year, bringing in the harvest after all our labours, love the photos especially the first one, we lived in wales for two years up in the hills and i remember well the autumn mornings…

  2. Dear Sara, Your seasonal produce and wonderfully atmospheric photographs really do give a taste of autumn. One can never, in my view, have too many tomatoes since they are so versatile in all states of ripeness. your tomato and courgette chutney sounds particularly intersting and would, I am sure, make an excellent addition to so many dishes.

    • Dear Edith, Indeed tomatoes are wonderfully versatile. We have opened a jar from the first batch of tomato and courgette chutney (after waiting the requisite two weeks!) with our lunchtime salads, and it is a great accompaniment. It’s our favourite of the two chutney recipes tried so far.

  3. Beautiful photos and I am so impressed with your pumpkins! I have yet to blog ours, they are sitting in the greenhouse (they need to come indoors now really) but none are that impressive 🙂 Growing your own garlic rocks, I haven’t bought any now for 3 years. Bx

    • Hi Beth, Thanks! I love the pumpkins, though my husband is disappointed in their size – the crown prince squash are bigger! – and they do feel lighter than expected. I doubt we have enough garlic to keep us going all winter, but what we have is lovely. Time to get some more in the ground soon for next year! S x

    • Hi Trevor, Thank you. It’s a lovely time of year besides the quickening evenings (and the wind and rain that have been blasting the house all night here!).

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