October Borders At Wisley

A friend’s wedding took us over the Severn and into England for the weekend, and afterwards presented an unmissable chance to visit the amazing gardens at RHS Wisley. And who forgot her camera? Quite. But this age of technology means that I still had the camera on my phone to hand, so I must apologise that the photos in this post are not the best quality, but I hope that they capture some of the magic of these amazing gardens.

The late summer borders were awash with colour – with asters, Japanese anemones, dahlias, schizostylis and Verbena bonariensis still holding onto their splendour.

First the asters, which were stunning planted en masse. There were mounds of aster turbinellus,

the beautiful pink-eyed aster lateriflorus

the blooms humming with nectar-gatherers.

The novae-angliae asters were all stunning too, especially the deep mauve Rubinschatz, but I shall refrain from boring you with too many more aster shots, after one last picture of the wonderful delicate low-growing aster ericoides f. prostratus ‘Snow Flurry’ which makes stunning ground cover at this time of year.

The asters were punctuated with dreamy spires of verbena and deep blue aconitum Carmichaelii.

The purple haze was punctuated with hot reds, oranges and yellows from rudbeckias, schizostylis

and dahlias;

The various dahlias had beautiful plump blooms.

Bees hummed happily from the asters to the anemones.

There were masses of salvias blooming too in various shades, shapes and sizes. One of my favourites was the Salvia Phyllis Fancy whose white flowers are tinged with purple;

these made a very dramatic background in the prairie-style planting.

Suffice to say, the borders at Wisley were stunning. Even the roses were still in flower, many of them oblivious to summer’s sprinting away.

I haven’t even mentioned the kitchen and fruit gardens, or the autumn colours! I think that they will have to wait for another post…


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    • Ooh you’re right it does. I must shamefacedly confess I forgot to note down its name at the time. I’ve been wondering if it was Constance Spry, but Queen of Sweden looks like a good match. Would have to go back to Wisley to check! Bit of a trek from here now…

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