Autumn Colours At Wisley

The trees at Wisley were just beginning to don their fiery autumn finery on our visit at the start of the week.

The acers were the most spectacular; in every shape, size and colour imaginable. Some varieties were already blazing crimson or glowing gold, while others were still a patchwork of colours.

It wasn’t just the acers; Wisley hosts an enormous number of different species of tree and they were all in the first flush of autumn colour. Another week or two and I expect they will be at their radiant best.

The abundance of autumn was also evident elsewhere: even the fruit and kitchen gardens were showing their colours; the leaves of a persimmon tree were a vivid orange, while purple vines dripped with black grapes.

There were pleached golden avenues of hornbeam and beech; the fruits of pears and apples were in abundance on a variety of forms, including espaliers and cordons, in the fruit gardens; miscanthus and pennisetum shimmered and swayed in the breeze of the borders. The pollarded stems of salix glowed orange beneath a blanket of green leaves still to fall – these will look striking in a few months’ time, along with the dogwoods. And when you drew your eyes back down from the majestic giants that towered against the sky, they were caught by the gentle sprawl of autumn crocus and cyclamen at the feet of the trees.

A breathtaking time of year to visit these stunning gardens.


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    • Lovely aren’t they? Thank you for commenting. Are the trees around you turning colour yet, or are the temperatures still too high? I look forward to reading about all the exotic things you grow.

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