Softly Softly

The snow has begun this afternoon, and within an hour of falling it is already settling comfortably across the landscape, stealing the distant hills of the horizon.

At the bottom of the garden, the standing vegetables are undergoing their first winter test. I suspect we may have picked our last lettuce now!

The cabbage seem to be shouldering their new burden resiliently,

while the blueberry, which stands sheltered by the greenhouse, shrugs.

The soft sticky flakes cling to the sedum heads and leaves,

while the rich red of the cornus stems and leaves really stands out beneath the first sprinkling of snow.

After five minutes in the garden, the snow nests thickly in my hair, so that when I re-enter the warmth of the house, it immediately melts down my neck…

Time to throw another log on the wood stoves and watch the world outside gradually turning whiter, as a soft hush settles across everything and the light begins to fade. I wonder what the morning will bring here.


12 thoughts on “Softly Softly

  1. Beautiful. Chilly, but beautiful! I love being able to follow the weather around the country through people’s blogs! We’ve had frost but no snow. Big test of the “I’m not going to heat the greenhouse, just insulate it” position, was down to 1C in there last night…

  2. It doesn’t feel quite real. I didn’t really believe it would snow yet, it surprises me each time I look out of the window! Suspect that’s scuppered my weekend plans to cut back the summer raspberries, plant out the lovely garlic that’s arrived from the Garlic Farm, and clean the greenhouse. Perhaps the dirt on the glass will act as a layer of insulation!

  3. Hi, we have a few flurries of snow here but there is more over in somerset….was freezing at work today…lost feeling in my poor toes…hope you enjoy your log fire tonight..we have mulled wine to warm us up…take care now

  4. I am shivering reading your post! No snow here yet, I dont think we are forecast until Tuesday. I dont mind the snow apart from when I have to get to and from work

    • Brrr, having just moved away from the fire I’m almost shivering too! The snow is always fun for the first day or two; I was lucky to be working from home today so didn’t have to battle with the elements though, and by all accounts that was a very good thing. I hope I don’t have to do too much commuting on icy roads next week…

  5. Lovely words Sara. Very evocative of the wintery scene! It all LOOKS so lovely too, until we have a journey to make. This weekend I am visiting my mother-in-law up in the North-West, and I’m worrying about the journey home…

    • Hi Mark, I hope that you manage to travel and return safely; by all accounts the snow in the north appears much thicker than ours, and conditions around here became very hazardous on Friday evening. The temperatures remain very low.

    • Hi Esther, Indeed I haven’t dared investigate them yet, only ventured out partway down the garden yesterday to chop kindling. I hope to plant out the garlic this afternoon so I shall see if any lettuces are worth rescuing…

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