The Ivy Man

In this old tree stump down the lane, swarmed by ivy, I always see a man standing with his head bowed… Although the ivy has begun to dangle alarmingly from his nose in recent weeks… perhaps he is growing a trunk?


14 thoughts on “The Ivy Man

    • He he … I must say I am very tempted to tidy him up with a pair of secateurs… although he is rather tall, and my husband did ask how I was going to reach…?

    • I did suggest that he may want to carry a step ladder from the house up the lane the half mile or thereabouts and hop on it with the loppers, but he didn’t seem enthusiastic… 🙂

    • Heh. All said with the fondest affection for you boys. Indeed these hills are coping admirably, while dressed rather prettily for winter.
      Hope that Cook Jenny is keeping you warm and full of hot tea and cake…

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