The White Stuff

This morning we woke up to a fresh snowfall.

Luckily King of the Hill had the foresight to bring our Christmas tree in from the garden last night ahead of the snow, ready to decorate this evening. Fingers crossed that we don’t get too much more snow before tomorrow, as exciting things are afoot… watch this space!

Update: Even the sheep are covered in snow, as the flurries continue here.


7 thoughts on “The White Stuff

    • Fingers are firmly crossed! Yes I was very pleased that my husband paid attention to the weather forecast and had the foresight to bring the tree in last night. A norway spruce – it might drop needles everywhere in a day or two but it smells like Christmas! And it’s on a slate floor, so the needles will just sweep away… or that’s the plan.

    • I should have been in the office today, but am settling for video conferencing instead, since a lot of our main roads are rather treacherous today – M4 was down to one lane and 30mph this morning. Hope the snow doesn’t affect your travel plans and you get up to Edinburgh and back safely.

    • Hi Mike, I suspect we missed some of the worst storms that hit you later this afternoon! Fingers crossed that you have a safe and easy journey to your family. We’re hoping that mine make it to us next week too, although they’re closer and driving rather than flying. Not sure if that makes it any easier, mind!

  1. We are covered as well, which the boys are loving. Quite jealous of the sheep in your picture, makes me miss ‘home’ (and our family sheep farm), all we have around here are crops and horses.

    Hope the snow doesn’t spoil your plans!

    (and thanks for the comment at TLC. I have been very lapse with the gardening blog but you see why now 😉 )

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