Box Of Delights

Our recent anticipation was finally rewarded on Sunday afternoon, when two of the lovely ladies from a local rescue centre battled through the snow and ice to bring us…

Willow and Xander: six-month old sister and brother who were brought into the rescue centre with their mother and siblings when only two or three days old.

They have only known the rescue centre in their short lives so far, and are still getting used to this strange new place. They must also be missing their mum, as this is the first time they have been without her.

I have been waiting for a photo opportunity to share them with you, but they are most happy hiding in a dark box at the minute, so I have only a few snatched blurred snapshots so far. You can see Xander here, with his lovely black nose, keeping an anxious eye on proceedings while his sister happily snoozes beside him.

We are also having to wrestle with them each day to give them a course of tablets to clear up an eye infection so it is rather a traumatic time for this pair, but they seem to be gaining confidence with each day, and they both purr like little engines when we stroke them, which is a great sign.

We had some late nights in the past couple of weeks undercoating and glossing the doors, skirting boards and door frames in the utility room before they arrived. Now we can relax a little again, and enjoy the new members of our family.

Welcome to your new home, Willow and Xander. We look forward to sharing many long happy years with you here at the top of our hill, and in our hearts.


8 thoughts on “Box Of Delights

  1. Well, not goats, but I wasn’t too far off the mark was I? They look absolutely lovely. I’m sure that once they have settled in they will enjoy the freedom that your property will afford them. They are so lucky.

    • You were very close indeed! Don’t have the space for goats, though it would be nice. Hopefully these two will be less likely to eat the contents of the garden too! Not sure what they will make of the cows and sheep in the field, but I think we have entertaining times ahead as we slowly introduce them to their new playground!

  2. Wonderful! Hope your new family members settle in quickly and don’t damage the house too much as they start to get confident and explore 😉 I love the idea of you all snuggled up together in your snowy Welsh landscape enjoying Christmas, getting to know one another, with a sound track of purrs. One can spend hours playing with kittens and a ball of wool or piece of string… Merry Christmas!

    • Thanks Janet. They’ve already found that the “removable” end panels that we made to get to the water pipes easily are very removable indeed, and give them access to a great spot under the cupboards. Otherwise behaving themselves impeccably, and very lovely. Merry Christmas to you too! x

  3. Dear Sara – what a happy Christmas story in Wales. These 2 could not have wished for a lovelier new home and will keep you active over the holiday.
    Best wishes to you, King of the Hill and welcome Willow and Zander. Bet we’ll be seeing more of them!

    Laura x

  4. I hope that the new additions to your family soon settle and feel at home. I’m sure that they will have great fun exploring their new surroundings especially if there is a Christmas tree on the horizon. Wishing you a happy Christmas and may 2011 treat you and your garden kindly.

    • Thank you so much. So far the Christmas tree is off their radar, but I suspect things will change as they explore further afield! Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year to you and your garden also. Sara x

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