New Life

Our weekend began indoors, as I worked to put the finishing touches to some handmade gifts for a friend’s baby shower on Saturday afternoon, and baked a batch of very indulgent frosted chocolate cupcakes to accompany them (black-bottomed cupcakes from the Hummingbird Bakery recipe collection, no less).

I still have two more bibs to complete as I ran out of time (and thread!) before the party; but I have a week or two before the expected arrival, so hope to complete these during the next few evenings. Another wonderful spring arrival to anticipate!

With that milestone past, and the rather frantic week finally behind us, on Sunday we hopped straight outside to take advantage of the lovely sunshine. King of the Hill had been to a friend’s farm in the village to help clear up some fallen trees, and returned with a tractor load of timber to replenish our dwindling supplies. Thus we set to transporting the wood around the house and sawing and splitting what we could, before stacking it in the wood store. Our wheelbarrow has developed a perilous wobble with the strain of carrying so much heavy lumber, and is perhaps not long for this world!

Elsewhere in the garden, like many others, I was delighted to see the promise of spring around the corner. The garlic that I planted on December 22nd has sent fine green shoots forth.

I cleared grass and a few weeds that had crept around the base of our two double-u cordon pear trees, reducing the competition for nutrients as they enter their second year here. The sprouting daffodil bulbs that I found hiding in the shed last weekend were given new homes in containers of compost by the back door, and will hopefully recover from their inauspicious start and give us a lovely show of spring cheer.

They were rather hastily thrust into an old pot and stored in the shed last year when King of the Hill dug them up as the foliage was dying down, in order to create our strawberry bed. I had hoped to be able to put them back into the ground somewhere before now, but alas we still have no borders ready yet so they must bide their time in containers this year.

Primroses in pots have put forth beautiful new fresh green curly leaves, and even a pale yellow flower or two, though the petals already look rather bedraggled by these clear frosty nights. With green buds peeking through on the blackened hydrangea that was taken so by surprise at the early frosts of winter, and the birds chirruping in the trees, there is the wonderful scent of hope and anticipation on the breeze, along with the woodsmoke.

Our seeds and onion sets arrived on Sunday too, and now we need to sit down and organise where everything is to go this year, before planting time is upon us once more. The gardening year is beginning to gather momentum once again…

8 thoughts on “New Life

  1. What a gorgeous bib – lucky baby! Love your garlic shoots, and bet your rescue daffs look gorgeous in a few weeks time. You are right, definite signs of growing momentum. I really must get me some primroses…

    • Thank you. We were lucky that there were several clumps of native primroses scattered about the garden here, so we dug them up before the diggers moved in and popped them into pots where they cheer us up each spring so far. It has been hard watching everybody selecting and planting their new crocus, daffodils and tulips in the autumn when I had been hoping to do the same, but alas one more year – thank goodness for containers of bulbs to cheer us up, though they’re not quite the same!

  2. What a strange concept: “baby shower”… Lovely bib though. You obviously have talents in areas other than gardening!
    Wish I had wild primroses in my garden too. They remind me of my childhood days in Cornwall. All the railway cuttings used to be covered in primroses. Apparently the soot from steam trains used to act as good fertiliser (showing my age here…)

    • Ah ’tis an American phenomenon that is spreading over here – the aim being for all the expecting mum’s girlfriends/mum/mil etc to get together and “shower” her with presents for her and the baby. And in our case with lots of home made cakes too – the table was groaning under the weight of all the cake stands and their contents.
      We have a lot of wild primroses around us here, at the roadside and in our garden – lucky indeed.

  3. Hi Sara – with the title and the lovely bib, wondered there for a moment what kind new life Hillwards was expecting πŸ˜‰
    Like you I container planted daffs a couple of weeks ago and if previous years are anything to go by, they should still bloom.
    The sap is rising and drawing us gardeners out again – what a relief as cabin fever was getting me down.

    • Heh! πŸ™‚ No announcements from us for a while! We’ve not even celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary yet; kittens this year, then we shall see… πŸ˜‰
      It’s lovely to see the sun and get out into the garden again isn’t it? Although when I popped out to chop some more kindling yesterday lunchtime (to avoid either of us having to do it in the dark!) a few snowflakes soon sent me back inside – that and the numb fingers and toes! Very cold here again at the minute. x

  4. Love the baby gifts, such great print and colour choices. Glad you’ve made it outdoors, our garlic is also sprouting and it’s quite exciting to do a daily walk around and see what’s coming up. Today we even went to the playground after school as the sun was so bright. Roll on Spring πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Beth. It’s lovely to watch things appear and to see the sunshine indeed – the kids must have been thrilled to play outside in the sun again for a bit. x

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