Lament to the Larch

The spread of phytophthora ramorum through our trees – and the resulting devastation – is not news; but today’s story really stopped me in my tracks. All those millions of trees; so close to home, trees that form a vital part of the landscape … gone.

I hope that our dramatic counterattack nationwide is successful in containing the disease, and protecting as many of our plants and trees as we can; that something good can rise from all this destruction. Another sad day in the fight against this invisible killer.

Image of Japanese Larch by Sten Porse distributed under the Gnu Free Documentation License via Wikimedia Commons.


8 thoughts on “Lament to the Larch

  1. Horrendous, Sara. Hope they manage to contain. No indication that they are going to encourage a culling of rhododendron, viburnum, pieris, lilac and camellia though. And what about our beech and chestnut trees? Or the possibility that our oak trees might lose their resistance? There may not be forests for the government to sell of.


  2. Awful news, I had a job 25 years ago planting larch trees at a stately home nearby, I can’t belive their days may be numbered.

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