Wordless Wednesday: Spring Garden

A few pictures of my mum and dad’s back garden last weekend; full of spring colour on a grey morning. Something to aspire to…

… and no garden is complete without a helper or two. Tigger ran out to escort us around the garden, while her sister slumbered on in the warmth of the house.

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14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Spring Garden

    • This stunning red one was against the fence on one side of the garden, and a lovely white one was just coming into flower against the fence on the other side of the garden. Definitely on our wish list … indeed there must be somewhere!

  1. Some lovely photos there! Is this in Fleet by any chance? Didn’t you tell me once that your parents live somewhere near me? I especially like the spiky plant (is it a Mahonia??) which has such wonderful symmetry. Also the cat – reminds me of my one called Charlie, who died a couple of years ago.

    • Hi Mark, Thank you. Indeed this is not very far from you at all, I suspect; I think you said you’re in the Linkway area – I spent my formative years cycling around there :-).
      The mahonia has lovely symmetry – there were some purple leaved ones too which were also beautifully glossy. A fine collection of plants … hopefully the children of many of which will find a way into our garden when we’re ready!

    • Hi Frances, thanks for coming by. Yes spring has pretty much sprung in the South of England now … here in South Wales things are definitely coming on too.

  2. Hi Sara, am sure your own garden visions will soon be a reality as you already have a green thumb. These are lovely shots and look as though you are aspiring to be a garden photographer too.
    L x

    • Thanks Laura, we’re still formulating plans but hope to start the hard landscaping in the next few weeks, and then we can start on the garden proper – hurrah! x

  3. Really enjoy your blog; found it via Bloom Day.

    If your new garden is as half as beautiful as your Mum & Dad’s, it will be beautiful indeed.

    • Thank you; they have put a lot of hard work in and the garden shines even at a time of year when most gardens are still mostly dormant. I hope that we can shape ours as well as they have…

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