Sunshine and Puddles

This weekend brought sunshine and showers, with plenty of opportunities to get into the garden. While I was chopping wood, moving our lone snowdrop to the bank at the bottom of the garden while still in the green to safeguard its survival in the work to come, pruning the burgeoning buddleia back hard to a single stump and myriad other tasks of tidying and preparation, Willow and Xander were keeping me company in the spring sunshine.

Both cats loved running along the plastic sheeting over the vegetable beds, dipping their paws into puddles of rainwater and then shaking them before carrying on to the next puddle.

Both were also in and out of the pile of pallets stacked behind me as I chopped wood, here Willow stopped to rest for a moment,

before continuing down the garden to explore the stacks of logs in the woodstores, while Xander strode purposefully towards the camera.

They do have an alarming tendency to nibble on everything that crosses their path; the green shoots of shallots that have appeared beside the last standing cabbages disagreed almost immediately with Xander, hopefully this experience will deter him from a repeat performance as onions are rather toxic to cats!


6 thoughts on “Sunshine and Puddles

    • Not while I was watching! I hope they don’t. I was surprised by the allure of the shallot shoots, foolishly thinking the smell would be enough to deter them… Mind you I didn’t know they were there until I found Xander chewing them, they have sprung up from last year’s leftovers; this year’s are still patiently waiting to be planted!

  1. it is nice to get out isn’t it, sadly our weather has changed back to winter and I haven’t been in the garden for over a week now,
    I love the mischivous 2some, as they are young and just venturing out they are probably doing the baby/toddler thing of trying everything as a test, lambs and baby rabbits create more destruction than their mature parents,
    love your GBBD flowers too, Frances

    • Oh no, the sunshine has really lifted our spirits, and I’m so ready for Spring now, I would hate to go back to winter so soon. Much sympathy! I hope your weather improves again soon and you can get back in the garden… Sara x

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