GBBD – March 2011

Finally, I have decided to take the leap and join in with May Dreams Gardens‘ Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day. Our garden may still be rough and unlandscaped, with mounds of construction materials awaiting removal, but it is surprising how many flowers have found their way with only minimal guidance through the debris to bring us a little spring colour, and I shall share them here.

First: the daffodils. These were all found in the garden when we moved here two years’ ago, and I moved them as best I could about the garden before our building work began, to safeguard them for the future. This patch above is one of the largest clumps, where I rehomed many bulbs between our two double-U cordon pear trees beside the shed to mark the boundary between what will be the decorative garden (one day!) and the vegetable and fruit garden.

These are big and blowsy blooms, which light up the garden. A handful of these that had been flattened to the floor by the winds last week I cut and threw in a vase on the kitchen windowsill, where they bring us their sunshine indoors too.

Not far away, at the edge of the raspberry patch, a small stand of daffodils with much paler creamy petals dances beneath the peach tree. As I bent to take a photograph of this flower, a huge black bee emerged from within its folds and industriously sped off into the sunshine.

There are a range of other rescued narcissi of all colours and sizes dotted around the garden, most in pots, many still to bloom. By next year they should all have more stable homes and I can finally start to add more!

At our front door, we have two pots of Tenby daffodils that my mum and dad gave us. Mum threw in some winter pansies too to give some interest until the foliage and flowers began to show, and these in their blue and white finery make a lovely backdrop.

The first of these daffodils are just starting to come into bloom now too.

At the back, the primroses that came with the garden have been putting on a brave display for weeks now. Some that I rescued on our arrival are blooming in their pots, still biding their time to rejoin the garden.

Others are somewhat more precariously flowering in situ, but are earmarked to be dug up imminently before we start the serious construction of paths, fences and new hedges.

The buds on the peach tree are also showing promise of blooms to come.

All in all not bad for a building site!


8 thoughts on “GBBD – March 2011

  1. Not bad at all for a building site! So glad you are joining in with the GBBD fun Sara. You inherited a lovely collection of daffs, but I think the primroses and pansies are my favourites. Such happy little flowers!

    • It’s lovely to start to take part in some of the fun instead of watching from the sidelines! I do love the primroses, and those cheeky pansies too…

  2. They say ’tis better to travel hopefully than to arrive…. Next year your garden will be fantastic, but evidently even this year you have some nice elements amongst the chaos.

  3. I agree, it’s looking rather good for a building site! We are four years on and ours still has piles of rubble here and there. Nice to see the sunny daffs adding their usual splash of colour and I love the winter pansies. Bethx

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