Wordless Wednesday: Cat Stalking Chicken

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15 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Cat Stalking Chicken

    • The chickens can walk in under the fence a little further along – and have – though the cats maintain a steady distance from them, while watching them closely. Cats do have such poise and grace when stalking…

  1. Wily Willow for WW day! Great shot Sara – speaks volumes.
    Have been away and missed all the activity that is going on at Hillwards – still plenty more in the future to follow 😉
    p.s. love your new scenic header

    • Thank you Laura, hope you have had a good break. Yes, it’s all action here at the moment (though we’ve just managed a long weekend away too) x

  2. They are funny to watch. We had a male cat who never got the hang of it. He would do all the creepy up and lying flat business and then stand up and march up to the bird which of course had flown away – hilarious

    • Fantastic – poor boy! Sadly, I think the birds here will have to be fast and smart to outwit these two, Willow was carrying a suspicious small bird-like trophy just a couple of days ago… :-S I didn’t know whether to be proud of her or sad for the bird. A little of both, I think. I’ll have to get used to nature running its course…

  3. Why is it that when stalking, cats often wiggle their tails and backsides? To me this seems a bad plan – it just gives the game away, and may frighten off the prey. Maybe that’s what the cat wants? I mean, to have a game, but not actually kill the prey.

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