Wordless Wednesday: Trees In Bloom

Wild plum/damson tree

Peach Tree

Pear Cordon

Blackthorn Blossom

All taken around the garden last weekend (think the pear cordons are both in full bloom now). Hosted by Wordless Wednesday.


15 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Trees In Bloom

  1. Hi Sara – how pretty Hillwards is now, with so much blossom still to come. Thanks, have now identified blooms I saw in an old hedge – it’s pear.
    Happy WW


    • Thanks Laura, I can’t wait until our hedges are joining in with the spring blossom fiesta! How lovely to have pear in an old hedge! This is the first year our two cordons have flowered – and both together which is a relief. I love the way the buds start out as a small deep pink ball, then become creamy white petals as they grow. We may even have fruit this year! Very exciting! Happy WW. x

    • Thank you, Frances. The peach tree was here, wedged up against a derelict old summerhouse that we had to pull down. I worried that without its support, the tree would suffer, especially in the wind, but it seems to thrive standing tall in the middle of the garden! The blackthorn is part of the native hedge that borders the front of the field beside us, spilling over our gate a little. The wild plums were already in our border – very neglected, with brambles running up their length. We pulled out all the brambles and pruned them hard a year or more ago, and they seem much happier. We planted the pear cordons though! Two double-u cordons. This is their first year in flower, so they must be settling in, which is a relief…

      • I thought the peach and plum seem larger and may have been inherited how lovely, glad the peach is coping with the wind, as you said to Laura it was the first year of blooms on the pear I thought they were young, how wonderful to enjoy your home grown fruit salad while sipping your sloe gin on a summer evening after a hard day at work ;o)
        thanks for commenting on my blog, the mystery is very mundane so don’t get excited,

    • Well we savaged ours a year ago with loppers and a saw as they were very unkempt, so either they respond well to rough treatment/hard pruning or this is their swansong!

    • Thanks Janet. I love spring blossom – frothy clouds of pink and white everywhere you go at the moment. Wonder where we can squeeze a cherry in… although we did plant a bare root wild cherry into our bottom hedge; in a few years that may surprise us with lovely blossom too.

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