Wordless Wednesday: Tuesday’s Walk

On Tuesday lunchtime I was lured away from my desk by recent fleeting glimpses of bluebells from the car window. Here are a few wordless images from my stroll down the lane to the bridge over the river and back.

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13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Tuesday’s Walk

    • I keep reminding myself to note where the best blossom collections are so I know where to find the most sloes in the autumn 🙂 I wasn’t expecting bluebells yet, and didn’t realise there were so many on our doorstep!

  1. what a lovely walk you’ve given me here – I could almost hear the birdsongs. you’re in the thick of spring and it’s really lovely. we are not this far along, it’s been cooler than normal, so I’ve enjoyed this series of spring photos very much.

    • We’re back to April showers again today, and were scraping ice off the cars yesterday morning, but spring has certainly sprung. I hope it comes soon to you too!

    • I somehow wasn’t expecting to see them yet myself – and I had never noticed the gentle glades of them up the steep bank at the side of the lane down to the bridge before… Makes me want to seek out a proper bluebell glade somewhere…

  2. the growth at this time of year is stunning .. fresh greens and buds and blossoms .. how lovely to have such an inspiriing walk ..

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