Work at hillwards continues apace as June yields to July. Lorry loads of gravel arrive and disappear, mounds of rubble are carted away, paving setts are cut and slotted in to their allocated space, and suddenly things are beginning to look rather smart. Slightly less “wreck of building site”, rather more “home sweet home”…

As if this wasn’t excitement enough, this weekend was filled with less local adventures too, that I hope to share with you soon; but alas our main computer has suffered a major malfunction, and the relevant images remain poised on the big camera until further notice.

Here, then, a few snapshots from the little camera, whose pictures are rather more easily accessible at the moment, of recent harvests from the garden. Potatoes, salad leaves and beetroots keep coming, along with the last few strawberries.

And peas, glorious peas. Even the purple podded ones have begun cropping now, and I love their deep purple cases, that can be prised apart to reveal contrasting rows of pale green peas, that are as sweet as their more traditional counterparts.

Please ignore the dirt beneath my fingernails; I’d been grubbing about in the garden and had not yet made the acquaintance of a scrubbing brush before picking up the camera.

The raspberries, in their second year, have been bounteous beyond all belief. From our two rows of summer-fruiting canes, we pick a bowl of ripe fruit at least every other evening.

It’s all we can do to keep up with them. We’re determined to keep eating them fresh, though I suppose they would have been ideal candidates for jam, given their quantities. Next year, then. The canes are on their last clusters of fruits now, and starting to look pale and wan beside the fresh jaunty canes that have sprung up ready to carry next year’s fruit.

The single row of autumn fruiting raspberries is just beginning to form its first small green fruits as the petals flourish and fall, ready to take over from their neighbours.

Outside my window, the new path continues to grow.


13 thoughts on “Bounty

  1. Bounteous bounty indeed, Sara. Very impressive – makes the produce from our new garden cringeworthy. And you really shouldn’t apologise for some dirt under your fingernails. A badge of honour!


  2. Thank you Dave – have you recently moved house then, chickens and all? No amount of produce is cringeworthy, tsk! It’s so exciting eating food fresh from your own garden… dirty nails are fairly par for the course, but don’t make great photographs 😉

  3. Sorry to hear about the IT problems. Until you are without it you don’t know how much you depend upon the computer these days! At least you seem to have a 2nd line of defence…

    • Ah yes, fortunately I have my work laptop, along with the modern technological wonder of a phone that thinks it’s a computer, so not entirely thrust back into the dark ages! 🙂

  4. I think the dirt beneath my fingernails has become permanent, like my ragged cuticles. Driveway looks great, how wonderful to see it all start to come together. Scrumptious harvest too, I’d like to try purple podded peas next year. Our raspberries are only in their first year, so the crop is small but tantalisingly tasty. My sympathies on the computer issues, I live in dread of discovering the flaw in my backup plan.

    • I recommend the purple podded peas; pretty flowers and pods, tasty peas. Fingers crossed our computer is almost reinstated now…

  5. Looking very smart up front, Sara. A magnanimous harvest, even with the smaller camera. It’s a real bummer when technology lets us down – still looks like you have enough to do in the real world!

    • Thanks Laura, a lot of our veg seem much later this year than last, suspect I may have put some plants out a little early this year in my enthusiasm, but still we’re bringing in a good amount to suit us most days. More often than not I forget the camera when we’re coming in with a colourful basket of produce, great when I do remember!

  6. What a great harvest – your rasps look really, really delicious (alas, I only have autumn fruiters, I think I need to extend my range). And that driveway is going to be wonderful – but probably less tasty.

    Sympathies on the computer front; hope all gets sorted soon…

    • Thanks Kate, I’m loving our long season of raspberries ( we have three different summer varieties and two different autumn varieties ). Definitely recommend summer ones as well.
      The drive/paths should be finished today, with just the retaining wall to render and paint and a few other little bits and pieces. Very exciting.
      And fingers crossed our computer is almost back up and running…

  7. You’re getting a good haul of goodies there. Daren’t look at my finger nails! Reminds me of ‘Dirty Nails’ from the Blackmoor Vale whose book I read last year, I think this applies to most avid gardeners!

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