Hydrangea Quercifolia

I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago of my mum and dad’s wonderful hydrangea quercifolia, its large oak-shaped leaves turning a ruby red, and the plant dripping with panicles of white flowers.

It has sprawled majestically in every direction.

The young hydrangea quercifolia ‘Ice Crystal’ that we bought at Malvern has an estimated spread of just over 1m, and I have planted it with this spacing in mind. If it fills out like the one above, which must be almost 2m across, then it may outgrow its allocated space.

A beautiful plant though, I look forward to ours reaching its potential in the years to come.


6 thoughts on “Hydrangea Quercifolia

  1. I’m really taken by H. quercifolia. Very pretty, I think. One of the gardens that I work in has one – has to be worth taking a cutting! Good luck with Ice Crystal, Sara.

  2. Don’t you find that the estimates given by plant suppliers are often wildly inaccurate? In my garden, the plants usually expand to fit the space available. Wasn’t that Parkinson’s Law???

  3. Stunning specimen Sarah, and to think I was thrilled to get three whole blooms on mine this year! I shall persevere, it is coming with us, and one day, perhaps, it too will be smothered.

    I too have become very distrustful of plant height and spread information. My sweet rocket grew to twice its advertised height this year and was therefore totally de trop in the planned location.

    • Mine is probably smaller than yours, I cheated and bought it with a few flowerheads on at Malvern, and they have been pretty, but nothing compared to mum and dad’s! Glad that you are taking yours with you.

      Ah I have lots of sweet rocket raised from seed this year, suspect I shall be overrun with them in future years, shall make sure they are teamed with other tall plants and see how they like the soil!

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