Lupinus cruikshankii ‘Sunrise’

These vivid lupins, raised from seed bought from Sarah Raven, are now coming into bloom.

I hope to add some perennial lupins to the garden next year, perhaps a deep red. But these annual ones are rather eye-catching.

Aren’t they wonderful? They are not as tall as the perennial varieties, and so are slightly better balanced in this new planting.

They complement the deep purple of the first flowering larkspurs, glimpsed in the background, that are the only other splash of colour against the foliage in this part of the border at the minute.


4 thoughts on “Lupinus cruikshankii ‘Sunrise’

  1. Hmm, I have something of a problem with lupins. I admire them, but to me they seem too stiff, I don’t know how to use them well with other plants. So although I really like the colours in yours, and the way they balance the larkspur, they aren’t for me, I remain unconverted. Maybe your perennial ones will do it! Sorry…

    • Ah interesting. I rather like their stiff columns, though I think I would only have room for a single colour/type, as mixed lupins seem to jar rather with me, quickly crossing the boundary into garish. But I’m really enjoying the dash of colour from these ones, and their structure next to the airier ammi majus and leucanthemums. Will try and sell you when we have a few perennial spires… 😉

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