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6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Pick of The Day

  1. Have you tried tomatoes with Raspberry vinegar dressing? A surprisingly good combination. That cucumber looks 100% better than anything I have produced this year (not that difficult actually, since my two plants only produced one pathetic fruit each!)

    • Ooh no will have to try that, can imagine it being rather good. Our cucumbers have been a bit hit and miss – we had two good ones from this plant early on, then all the coming fruits dropped off and the plant went yellow – investigation revealed red spider mite infestation sucking the life from the plant. Blasted off as many as I could, and we upped the humidity in the greenhouse, and we have cucumbers again. The other plant has still to produce, but seemed to avoid the mites so far, fingers crossed…

  2. Beautiful… sniff. Why are your raspberries so perfect? If I took a photograph like that there’d be things crawling about and mouldy bits. Sigh.

    (Your mini plums – your comment on my blog was a perfect description of an eirin bach. Boy, do they go off quickly. But they are delicious.)

    • I’m not sure how the autumn raspberries are remaining intact, given the winds and rain, but they are plump and sweet. Just luck.
      Good to have a name for our little plums. When it stops raining I should check on them and see if any are ripe for picking. Do you tend to eat yours from the tree or make them into jams?

  3. Pretty! And mouth-watering. We’ve been picking raspberries from next door’s deserted plot, reasoning that they will be eaten by the birds if we don’t get them first. Somehow they taste better for being illicit – I am calling it my weed tax, as they have so many weeds flourishing and setting seed it makes a mockery of our attempts to keep everything clear.

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