End of Month View August 2011

Where are we now? Well after a busy month, the south border is still looking lush and colourful, despite some recent downpours giving the daisies a rather flattened look.

Over the other side of the garden, we have the newly planted border section, topped and tailed with slightly more mature planting areas.

In the vegetable garden, we are harvesting runner beans and french beans faster than we can eat them – cue some mass-blanching sessions of late.

We are also still harvesting second early potatoes, lettuce (iceberg and oak-leaf), mustard leaves, fennel, beetroot, chard, cavolo nero, broad beans, and tomatoes and cucumbers from the greenhouse.

A brief update this month, but showing significant progress. Huge thanks to Helen for hosting the End of Month View.


6 thoughts on “End of Month View August 2011

  1. Tremendous progress Sara, what a way to exit the gardening year. Will you miss the frenetic activity and high octane excitement of the big changes next year? Or just settle in to developing your garden? Am betting on the latter…

  2. Flabby pictures, seriously jealous you can grow beans outdoors despite your wind. Nice to get a peek at where you are at. :)Fab pictures, sorry, darn predictive text!

    • Hi Fay, thanks for visiting. We are lucky that there is a bit of wind protection in the vegetable patch afforded by the greenhouse and shed from the prevailing south-westerly winds here.
      The ornamental garden is much more exposed to the elements until our native hedging grows up a bit; with the wind of the last couple of days, one or two thick cosmos stems have broken and fallen across the beds. In the vegetable patch the leaves of the beans are fluttering, but the supporting poles seem fairly stable at the minute.
      There’s a lot to be said for hedges and buildings!

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