There and Back Again

Last night we returned from a whistlestop drive across Europe, spending the best part of a week in the Austrian Alps.

Our departure date, then, was the driving force behind our recent ramp up of work in the garden, to equip it to survive over a week without us. Muscles were still complaining vociferously as we set out, but all that fresh air and sunshine has been wonderfully restorative.

Back home to find that the weeds and plants alike have been romping in our absence; beans, raspberries, tomatoes and courgettes abound, and there is work to do everywhere.

Apologies for somewhat limited replies during our absence, as we were mostly taking a well earned break from technology. There are hundreds of blog posts to catch up on, and I look forward to hearing how everything is with you. Normal service should be resumed some time this week…


7 thoughts on “There and Back Again

  1. Very jealous Sara. We were meant to spend 10 days cycling in the Alps but due to an increasingly frail and arthritic dog (who it wouldn’t have been fair to leave with anyone) have had to postpone. I have a yearning to see them mountains.

    Welcome home


  2. Welcome back! Am also struggling to catch up after a few days away. Takes ages, but great fun too. Am envious of the alps trip, has been years since I was last there. I broke a boat. Well, the wind broke the sail, would be a more honest way of putting it, but it was very embarrassing… Not my boat… Hired it…

    • Thank you, straight back to work with a bump. Have just about caught up with most of my reading in between, but still a way to go. The alps were beautiful; we just had a little motor boat for an hour this time, though we were eyeing up the more adventurous watersports for a future visit. Have only sailed a couple of times and it was great fun so should definitely like to try that next time – preferably without embarrassing myself! Must have been a faulty hire-boat-sail…

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