September Sunrise

Dawn found me stealing through the dew in my pyjamas to capture something of its fleeting beauty. I love these September mornings, the sun breaking through wreaths of mist which eclipse the distant hills. As the sun rises, the mists settle into the valley and then softly melt away.

 A slip of the hand as the shutter goes down seizes this otherworldly glimpse through the trees; the leaves slipping against the sky. An error in every technical sense, but somehow it captures the mood of these transient early moments.


8 thoughts on “September Sunrise

  1. There was heavy dew on the grass first thing. Not looking forward to the return of frosts – I loved those magnificent hoar frosts last year, but this year we actually have plants in the garden!

    • That will come all too soon, I fear; the mornings are growing darker and darker. I hate setting off for work in the dark, this morning it was already marginal, soon we’ll be getting home in the dark too!

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