Stepping Stones

On Friday evening, we used up our leftover turves* around the garden.

Patches of turf were fitted in front of the woodstore, where heavy footfall has eroded the patchy grass on the path, forming a muddy river when wet; and more were laid in front of the bicycle store. We then used the final strips to mark the curve of the border from the step.

This gave us a glimpse of the garden to come; also giving a clear demarcation between border and lawn. You will also have spotted the stepping stones that we have sunk in following the curve of the border: this gives us somewhere to step without damaging either the newly laid turf or the remaining area which will be seeded. I also rather like the way that the stones draw you from the step, along the border, into the garden.

We spent a lovely leisurely Saturday out in the hot sunshine, walking locally with visiting friends, catching up and taking full advantage of the glorious weather. After this welcome respite, once our visitors left at noon the following day, we were straight back out in the garden to continue work until the light ebbed from the sky. We levelled, raked and tamped down the area to be sown with grass seed and laid the stepping stones.

Soil was transferred from the last standing heap of earth to the new front borders, and I levelled these before planting them up with box, lavender and blood-red wallflowers raised from seed, the last of the roses saved from the original garden and some daffodil bulbs also dug out from around the garden before the building work. I also planted dwarf narcissi and muscari bulbs in the herb garden along the side of the house; I was surprised that these already showed good roots and several shoots in the pot where they flowered last year. Hopefully they will survive transplanting while already in growth.

Tonight, we shall be sowing grass seed and continuing our watering regime for all the new grass, turf and seed alike. I still have many bulbs to plant (and a modest order due to arrive any day now) giving us our first spring (and autumn) display next year. Slowly the remaining pieces are falling into place.

* turves – plural of turf; this word was a new discovery for me this week and keeps rolling around in my head and on my tongue, a rather sumptuous word I think.


5 thoughts on “Stepping Stones

  1. I like the cure to that bed Sara, and the stepping stones are a great segue into the rest of the garden. Amazing the difference the grass makes, it does really finish it off somehow, so perhaps I shouldn’t be so negative about the whole lawn thing! I finally got around to placing my bulb order, and included some wallflower plugs as I hadn’t bothered sowing any, not expecting it to be worthwhile… We live and learn!

    • Thanks! Our “green carpet” has given us a welcome glimpse of real garden, although looking a little bizarre on its own! I’m really pleased with the stones, both practically and aesthetically; not bad for an ad-hoc suggestion on a Sunday morning. I think I suggested something similar as an option some time ago but at the time my husband naysayed it, this time he was quite open to it, perhaps lured by the here-and-now impact rather than an abstract suggestion, as well as the reality of not damaging new grass!
      I haven’t grown wallflowers before but added the seeds to an order in the spring, enticed by the thought of ‘blood-red’ flowers in spring; we shall see! Glad that you have plugs coming despite the uncertainties ahead.

  2. OK, so you have discovered “turves”. What about “tilth” “friable”,”aestivation”..etc? We have some lovely words in our gardening vocabulary, don’t we?

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