Autumn Sowing: Echinops

Last week, I sowed a packet of Echinops Ruthenicus ( Echinops ritro ssp. ruthenicus ‘Globe Thistle’ ) into modules in an unheated propagator and placed it on a south-facing windowsill.

The first couple of plants have germinated (5-7 days), so fingers crossed I can nurse these through the winter, and next year we shall have some of these beautiful globes in the garden.

I always get such a thrill from each new green shoot that pushes up from seed. These represent a blaze of hope for spring in the dark damp days of autumn.


9 thoughts on “Autumn Sowing: Echinops

    • Thanks. Since we’re stocking our garden pretty much from scratch, we are growing as much as we can from seed. I hope these survive too, they’re such beautiful plants.

  1. I’m looking forward to growing flowers from seed, when I get organised! I’ll (hopefully) be sowing the ‘free’ sweetpea seeds this week. I love cosmos, so I think they will be the first ‘purchased’ flower seeds that I try, like I say; when I get organised. So much to do, but I’ve (hopefully) got a few years to do it!
    Good luck with your ‘Globe Thistle’ .

    • Ah, it’s so enjoyable filling the garden from seed! We grew cosmos for the first time this year, and they’ve been magnificent all summer (tall c. bipinnatus Sensation mixed and c. bipinnatus Candy Stripe) and are still flowering away now, with no deadheading at all! My kind of plant :). Fun poring over the seedlists now too to decide what to sow in the spring, enjoy!

    • I’m not sure how vigorous this one will be – will keep you posted if it gets out of control! Seems to have good write-ups as being one of the superior subspecies, though, so I have high hopes.

  2. I love seed sowing. I am trying really hard to keep myself under control this Autumn, as I won’t have space inside to nurse seedlings, and won’t have time next Spring either. But your seed packet has my fingers itching…

    • That’s so hard! Sorry for being a bad influence ;). This is the first autumn that I can guarantee to have somewhere to plant out any seedlings in the spring, exciting times! Just imagine, this time next year you could have very busy fingers indeed, with any amount of land to fill with your choice of plants.

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