Making Space

One evening last week the final heap of soil was removed from the north border, leaving me with another patch of earth to dig over and fill with plants.

I haven’t had a chance to do much more than look at it as yet, but I am itching to get out there and start digging. Autumn is a wonderful time for planting, with the ground still warm and rain aplenty.

Towards the end of last week, I did manage to snatch an hour here or there after work before the light faded, to shoehorn bulbs around front and back gardens. Many of the bulbs were already beginning to grow; time was of the essence to avoid damaging them. I still have some spring crocuses and summer alliums to plant out soon, along with a tray of snowdrops from my mum which are already sending up shoots, but the tulips will wait another month.

And look! Two new asters have arrived and await their new positions, so that they have time to establish strong root systems before the winter arrives. These are Aster turbinellus and Aster ericoides f. prostratus ‘Snow Flurry’, ordered online from the lovely Perhill Plants nurseries as a consolation to myself for missing the Malvern autumn show this year. A few other additions are also waiting in the wings, most notably a beautiful young Euonymus alatus that my mum and dad gave to us, which should give us vivid autumn foliage in the years to come.

I hope that the weekend brings some dry calm weather – although I suspect that I will be out there wind or rain, making the most of our dwindling hours of daylight which have now snatched evenings in the garden from our grasp.


10 thoughts on “Making Space

    • I should point out that all the area to the right of the stepping stones (and around the stones) has grass seed down and will be lawn! It’s just the bulge in the border that is clear and ready to plant. I can’t always visualise the whole space, but I know all the plants that I’d like to find room for!

  1. Its all looking good, makes the hard work worthwhile ! I have just invested in a head torch, £5.99 at Tesco-now I don’t have to be in before dark!

    • Thanks. Ah yes we have head torches – great for camping too! Not quite the same as working in the daylight but definitely useful when popping down for some veg or firewood.

    • 🙂 Obviously suffering delusions of grandeur. Hey I didn’t capitalise it though. It was just easier than “the border on the left hand side when you look down the garden from the house”.

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