GBBD: October Flowers

Mid-October, and the cosmos are still blazing in the borders, accompanied by the hot pink sweet peas which sprawl over the gap where I cut back the leucanthemum.

The electric pink flower-heads of the sedums have mellowed into warm raspberry tones.

By the terrace, Geranium ‘Orion’ continues to send up open blue flowers on long stems, which nestle against the foliage of the cosmos.

A few late spires of Salvia nemorosa ‘Caradonna’ echo this hue nearby, striking among the rich pinks of sedum and antirrhinums.

The antirrhinums add vivid splashes of colour to the front of this border.

Above them all, the verbena bonariensis creates a haze of lavender which continues to hum with visitors.

There is a change of mood across the garden, where rudbeckia bring a blaze of sunshine to the garden against the dark leaves of sambucus nigra ‘Black Lace’.

After much anticipation, the first umbels of Ergyngium planum ‘Blue Glitter’ have begun to turn a soft blue; I look forward to its display next year now that it has found its feet.

There are still one or two late flushes on the roses, and the alpine strawberries continue to flower and produce fruit regardless of the dwindling hours of daylight.

The new young Aster ericoides prostratus ‘Snow Flurry’ is covered in delicate white flowers. I hope to plant this out before the weekend is over and the weather is forecast to deteriorate.

Aster lateriflorus ‘Prince’ has also begun to open the first tiny buds to reveal delicate flowers with pink eyes.

Meanwhile down in the kitchen garden, borage and calendula continue to flower; and the last standing bulbs of fennel shelter beneath their canopy of acid yellow umbrellas.

Thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.


25 thoughts on “GBBD: October Flowers

    • Thank you! The cosmos have been amazing; such workhorses, they have flowered non-stop since they began early in the summer, with no dead-heading at all, and look set to continue until the frosts. Which may be soon now, alas.

  1. Beautiful photos. I still have plenty flowering too, but I fear this will be the last few days for them. We’re predicted to have some frosts by the end of the week. I think some cutting back will be required at the weekend

  2. Hi,

    Beautiful photos 🙂 I’m particularly loving your combination of Rudbekia and Sambucca – given me ideas now!!

    I’m so glad you posted photos of your Geranium as I now think I’ve finally found out what mine it!!! I’ve been calling it ‘rozanne’ for the last year or two knowing that it didn’t quite look right for Rozanne and now I know for sure it must be ‘Orion’ instead as it fits the bill far better. It’s a large Geranium coming up to around my waist or perhaps a little lower – is this the same for you?

    • Hi Liz,

      Thanks – one of those rare times when something looks as good in reality as it does in your head!
      I’ve just planted a tiny Rozanne in our garden too, will be interesting to compare the two. I’m glad that my post has helped you identify yours as Orion; it does sound very similar. The flowers float on long stems above knee height with finely divided leaves clumping below (you can see the leaves to the left in my shot of the snapdragons). I think it is a taller variation on Brookside, and has an AGM – the flowers are beautiful, I’m very taken with the plant so far.

  3. Sara, your garden looks amazing especially at this time of year. Mine (apart from the verbena) is looking very bedraggled! I especially like the asters, they are so delicate. I’ll have to put them on the wish list…

    • Thanks – I suspect it is partly because everything is so newly planted. It will be interesting to see how it looks this time next year! I do love the asters though, at this time of the year they are one of my favourite things.

  4. Wow – what beautiful flowers but what an October we have had. Cosmos have to be some of the best value flowers you can grow. They come in wonderful colours, just keep flowering and are so lovely for cutting. We have a huge bunch of late sweet peas scenting the office that frankly are doing better now than in mid summer!

  5. What amazing splashes of colour. Although my cosmos are also blooming the rest of the garden is looking decidedly green 😦 I love the pinks and blue/purples. Bethx

    • Thank you! I do love those colours, so have obviously favoured them over others, but I think it’s more luck than judgement that they are still brightening up the garden now. S x

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