Wordless Wednesday: Upstairs Downstairs

cats at play

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6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Upstairs Downstairs

    • Ah, no, a bird feeder – I assume for small birds that can get through the outer bars to feed off the central section filled with food. We inherited it with the house, one of these days it may actually be put to use!

    • They chase each other across the garden sometimes and have silent friendly wrestling bouts, which appears to be play, then often cuddle up around each other to sleep and groom each other. If they are snoozing near each other and we stroke one who starts purring, the other will often start purring too, even before we have touched him/her. They’re lovely cats. I hope they don’t lose their closeness as they grow older.

    • Ah they had been chasing each other, but at this point I think the bottom cat was content to stop and munch the pulmonaria leaves in the pot (hmm) while she was still in climbing/racing mode and leapt further up the pallet stack – so a combination of teasing and encouraging him. They didn’t stay still for long.

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