Wordless Wednesday – On The Fence

Cat on fence

Cat on fence

cat on fence

Cat washing paws balanced on fence post

Perfect spot for a little light washing?

Two cats on fence

Did you hear something move in the hedge?

Two cats on fence

Alert. Or a pair of lerts...

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16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – On The Fence

  1. They look so…… what shall I say cute, loving, hansom.
    They mite just mite one day become the worlds greatest cat models.
    Great pictures. I love cats!!

  2. Snort! (That’s at the ‘pair of lefts’ comment, by the way, not the cats. Lovely – and a matching pair. Well, almost…)

    PS: Did you, by any chance, nail them to the fence? Or slather cat food on it? Normal feline reaction round here when approached by person with camera is to a) run away, or b) turn round, presenting good view of bum. Your cats are evidently professionals!

    • Heh, sorry, I just couldn’t resist that one.
      Ha, no, no nails, no cat food. They were so happy prowling up and down the fence (and later trying to playfight while balanced on it – that didn’t last long!) that they ignored the camera for a bit. They do generally tend to run to or from the camera, they are still very distrustful of it! If I crouch down to take a shot of Xander on the ground he always runs straight to me i.e. straight into the camera, to be stroked, while she tends to go the other way. I have to catch them when they are distracted!

  3. If I would say this aloud I would stretch the “u” sound: Beauuuutiful cats! Omg! Simply beauuutiful!

    Fantastic photos as well, I enjoyed them a lot 🙂

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