First Frosts

This week has seen the first frosts of this new year in South Wales:

Frosty landscape, mid January

infusing the scenery with a sparkling watercolour palette;

sprinkling icy crystals over the standing seedheads in the garden;

Frost on sedum heads in January

casting a glittering magic upon the wild primroses

Frost on flowering wild primroses in January

and etching the hills and valleys of Kavalo nero leaves with silver.

Frost on Cavalo nero in January

The skies are wide and clear. The sun rises swiftly and sets, a glorious red ball of fire sinking below the horizon. The world outside is hushed and glistening with cold, while pockets of frost persist all day, unmoved by the touch of the sun.

Frosted leaf on grass


16 thoughts on “First Frosts

  1. I do like a few frosty mornings, it looks good, feels fresh and kills those bugs! It can continue until end of January but then it needs to stop, so I can get back out and dig 🙂

    • Yes, a few of these cold days is good, to cleanse away the detritus of the old year and herald the new, but then milder temperatures for working outside would be good!

  2. A very poetic post – we are into our fourth day of frost – it does look beautiful but I hope it goes away soon – as I still have loads of tidying etc. to do in the garden before the season starts

    • Indeed, we did just that on Sunday, putting aside any indoor plans we had. Although it’s rather cold to stop for photographs too often, so we just walked.

  3. We’ve had a couple of mornings of frost here now, but still not heavy enough to make things beautiful. The Cavolo nero will stand through any amount of frost, how do you use yours – I put it in soups but I’m not keen on it served on its own, Christina

    • Yes, frost is supposed to improve the flavour of Cavolo nero. I tend to shred it, blanch it for a couple of minutes and then fry it with garlic, sometimes adding bacon and white wine, decadent but tasty.

  4. Great pictures here. We have had frosts as well in some parts of the garden the frost hasnt cleared at all.

    It does make me laugh though that we are all excited about frosts this year compared to the endless snow of last year!

  5. Lovely pictures. I’m in South Wales too. I’m hoping the forecast on Sunday night for snow here on Thursday and Friday is wrong. I just want Spring to come now.

    • Oh, I hadn’t seen that forecast. I really hope they’re wrong, it’s not a good week to be trapped at home – or away from home! I’m almost ready for Spring now too 🙂

  6. Lovely pictures! We haven’t had much frost here in the South East, but it was lovely out walking the dog last weekend when it was a very frosty morning….
    Its madness though I have a camellia already in bloom and spring bulbs very forward! I am enjoying reading your blog and thank you again for the photo’s!

    • Hello and thank you for visiting and stopping to leave a comment. We escaped most of the frosts at the end of last year, then a couple finally caught us last week. Very picturesque, and fortunately they don’t seem to have done too much damage so far.
      My mum has camellias in bloom already too, and early crocuses. She runs out with fleece to wrap up the camellia blooms when frost is forecast!

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