Spring Sensation

In last weekend’s sunshine, the Rijnveld’s Early Sensation daffodils that I planted in the autumn continued to open, their golden trumpets singing against blue spring skies.

Daffodil Rijnveld's Early Sensation

Despite this week’s subsequent plummet into damp drizzling misty gloom, these glorious blooms continue to multiply in our front garden, a line of sunshine on the greyest day along the narrow bed.

Rijnveld's Early Sensation daffodils in February

Another rank of these daffodils that I planted along the inner edge of the grass verge, along the post and rail fence which holds the young beech saplings in line, also welcomes us home.

Rijnveld's Early Sensation Daffodils flowering along fence

I planted a mix of species tulips and anonymous daffodil bulbs reclaimed from the original garden alongside these, in the coming months a wave of different flowers should come and go.

The grass verge was grown from seed last year, after the depradations of skips and building rubble had taken their toll on the original grass, and the front lawn was only turfed in the autumn: both look lush and vibrant, ready for their first cut now. Punctuated with splashes of spring sunshine from the daffodils, it’s amazing what a difference a year makes.


14 thoughts on “Spring Sensation

    • We’ve been racked by a biting cold wind for a few days now, but the grey drizzle and cloud cover is probably keeping things a little warmer than it would otherwise be. Perhaps these daffodils would have been flowering a month ago in a more sheltered spot?!

    • Such a happy sight at this time of year, aren’t they? I did choose an early variety intentionally, others in the garden are still green budless shoots – but should bring cheer when these early ones are already over.

  1. A few of my February Gold daffs are now open, the warm sunshine of the last couple of days helping them along. They are so cheerful and a welcome splash of colour after winter.

  2. I have some daffodils flowering which came with the garden and are probably the same as yours – they always flower this early. Its so nice to see their cheery yellow faces

    • How lovely. It’s such a pleasure to admire them so early in the year – no doubt we’ll all be sick of daffodils in a month’s time when they adorn every verge and garden.

  3. Those are gorgeous – and mine (variety unknown) have just started too. It’s such a relief to see them after the winter. Phew – it will get warmer, and it will get sunnier.

    I can’t imagine being without daffs…

  4. Lovely to see the sunny faces of your daffs, we don’t have any in our garden, only narcissus so we have to wait a bit longer. I hope you are having some of this lovely sunshine, we are feeling a bit spoilt here in Kent 🙂 Bethx

    • They are very uplifting – although slightly regimented in their ones and twos this first year, as they multiply and I add to them in years to come it should soften them a little. We had wonderful sunshine all weekend, today is cloudy and slightly dull – perfect for a day at work, though, sunshine would make me want to be back outside! x

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